End Of Summer Beauty Tips From The Beauty Spotlight Team

Summer affects the skin differently as there is an increase in temperature; combine that with the humidity and scorching sun, and you've seen some changes in your skin these past few months you may not like.But no worries, as the beauty spotlight team has

logo.png  By TWB  Nov 14, 2021

Retinol The Fountain Of Youth

Here at Barbie’s Beauty Bits, we believe aging is a fact of life, but looking your age is not! And that is when good skincare comes into play with anti-aging ingredients like Retinol, aka the fountain of youth.  More than likely, you heard about Reti

logo.png  By TWB  Nov 14, 2021

How The Zoom Boom Has Impacted Aesthetics

The pandemic has negatively impacted many businesses, but one business that has not seen a negative impact is aesthetics.  In fact, the demand for aesthetic procedures has actually kept climbing despite the pandemic. There are a few reasons why... an

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Nano Fat Grafting Vs. Dermal Fillers, Which Is Better For Facial Rejuvenation

 Which Is Better For Facial Rejuvenation, Nano Fat Grafting or Dermal Fillers? Well, before we answer that question, let's see how many of you can relate to this. Have you ever seen yourself tagged in a photo on Facebook and think something about you

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