Plastic Surgeons Are Using Ketamine to Make Nose Jobs More Pleasant

The drug has been shown to be an especially useful sedative for cosmetic procedures, and it's having a resurgance.

logo.png  By TWB  Jan 19, 2022

Antoni Porowski's Fuzzy, Grown-Out Buzzcut Has Me Feeling… a Way

He's drawing comparisons to Justin Bieber and Christian Bale.

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I Beg You, Rihanna, Please Don't Bring Back Raccoon Hair

"'Coon tails" should definitely stay in 2008.

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Tips To Developing A Beauty Regimen This Year

This year making a resolution to developing a beauty regimen and sticking to it is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and appearance and help you feel better about yourself. To start, you should set achievable goals and not too far b

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