Megan Fox's New Manicure Is Bratz Doll-Inspired

The actor showed off her nostalgic, slime green manicure at the NBA All-Star Games.

logo.png  By TWB  Feb 23, 2022

H.E.R.'s Pigtails Are the Cutest Take on Y2K Style

We're hoping this is the hairstyle she wears on her upcoming tour.

logo.png  By TWB  Feb 23, 2022

Nicole Richie Wore The Coolest Blue Eye Shadow to Hang Out With Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion and Nicole Richie got together to talk about pets on the rapper's new show titled "Off the Leash." The duo chatted about reptiles while painting, and Meg also got to meet Richie's bearded dragon named Speedy.

logo.png  By TWB  Feb 23, 2022

Twee Fashion Might Not Be Coming Back — but Twee Hair Is

TikTok's twee "resurgence" hasn't actually picked up much when it comes to fashion. Hair trends, on the other hand…

logo.png  By TWB  Feb 22, 2022