Jennifer Lopez's Manicurist Asked for a Nailfie and Got a Hilariously Hostile Response

Tell us how you really feel about your manicure, Jen.

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The Internet Has Feelings About Beyoncé's Baby Bangs on the Cover of British Vogue

The spiky, short fringe has definitely divided the Beyhive.

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Ana De Armas Is Unrecognizable as Marilyn Monroe in the First "Blonde" Trailer

She sat through three hours of hair and makeup daily to achieve this accurate depiction of Monroe's iconic Hollywood glamour.

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Self-Care: Five Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself

A self-care plan- with five ways to take better care of yourself? I do not know if I have time for one, let alone five, Miss Barbie's Beauty Bits. I get it; life can be stressful and downright hectic, whether the stress of your job, honey-dos, or running

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