What Makes Arizona A Great State To Live In

Moving out of your current state may be a good idea for several reasons, such as insufficient jobs or a higher cost of living. Sometimes, you need to move to another state like Arizona for work, family, spouse, even a new home.Or you may just be looking f

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The Best Hair Dryer To Achieve A Salon Blowout At Home

Nothing is better than getting a blowout at the salon. But it can be costly if you go a few times a month. And the thought of trying to do this at home can be a little hairy, to say the least.There are some big no, nos when it comes to drying your hair th

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Beauty Refresh For Fall

It's time to reset for Fall. A change in seasons calls for a beauty refresh. Here are some ways to update your wardrobe, skincare, and more.  Refresh Your Skin This Fall With Some New Skincare Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog recently discovered AveSee

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Tone Up On A Budget: Low Cost Ways To Stay In Shape

Anyone who knows me knows I am all about the low-cost ways for anything. This also goes for staying in shape as beauties you can tone up, even on a tight budget.That's right! If you think you need to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or body sculpti

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