Florence Pugh Fainted While Getting Her Septum Pierced

Florence Pugh is the proud new owner of a septum piercing, but the process wasn't the easiest according to her Instagram. The Capricorn star unfortunately fainted during her piercing appointment, but in the end it all worked out.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Pulling Off Two Huge 2022 Hair Color Trends at Once

During her first few public appearances as a pregnant person, the actor's hair was looking particularly fabulous.

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TikTokers Are Curling Their Eyelashes With a Blow Dryer, But Is It Safe?

Another day, another hack that doctors are forced to debunk.

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The Benefits Of Adding Vitamin C12 To Your Skincare Routine

There are a lot of skincare ingredients on the market. One buzz-worthy ingredient I'd like to talk about here at Barbie's Beauty Bits is Vitamin C in your skincare, more specifically Vitamin C12. The 12-hour Vitamin C ingredient!Vitamin C is generally saf

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